Durkan Test

 Durkan Test

  • Durkan Test or as it called the carpal compression test is used to test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome where the median nerve is compressed in the carpal tunnel.

  • The examiner apply a direct compression to the median nerve (on the palmar side of the wrist) for 30 seconds with his thumbs or with an atomizer bulb attached to a manometer.

  • The test is considered positive if the patient have symptoms of numbness, pain, or paresthesia in the median nerve distribution.

Durkan Test Sensitivity & Specificity:

  • Sensitivity: 87 %
  • Specificity: 96 %


  • The median nerve innervates the skin of the palmar (volar) side of the index finger, thumb, middle finger, and half the ring finger, and the nail bed.

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