Special Test Category: Knee Examination

Thessaly test

Thessaly test is used to detect lateral or medial meniscal tears/lesions of the knee.

Ege’s Test

Ege’s Test is used to detect a tear of the lateral or medial meniscus of the knee.

Dial Test

The purpose of the Dial Test is to diagnose Posterolateral Knee Instability.

Waldron Test

Waldron Test is used for the Presence of patellofemoral syndrome/ runner’s knee.

Patellofemoral Grind Test

Patellofemoral Grind Test is used for the presence of patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (chondromalacia patellae)

Patellar Apprehension Test

Patellar Apprehension Test is used to test whether the patella is likely to dislocate laterally

Apley grinding Test

Apley grinding Test is used for medial or lateral Meniscal Injury in the knee.

Apley Distraction Test

Apley Distraction Test is used to test for the integrity of the Collateral Knee Ligaments

Lateral McMurray Test

Lateral McMurray Testing for Injury to the lateral Meniscus of the knee.

Medial McMurray Test

Medial McMurray Test for Injury to the medial Meniscus of the knee.