Special Test Category: Spine Examination

Gaenslen’s Test

Gaenslen’s test can indicate: the presence or absence of a SIJ lesion, pubic symphysis instability, hip pathology, L4 nerve root lesion. It...

Crossed Over Lasegue

Crossed Over Lasegue is used to test for Central disc herniation in cases of severe nerve root irritation

Lasegue Test

Lasegue Test Also called Straight Leg Raise Test, Aimed to assess the sciatic compromise due to lumbosacral nerve root irritation.

Distraction Test

Distraction Test is used for the Presence of Cervical Radiculopathy.

Spurling Test

Spurling Test is a Musculoskeletal assessment of the cervical spine when looking for cervical nerve root compression causing Cervical Radiculopathy

Cranial Cervical Flexion Test

Cranial Cervical Flexion Test is used for Cervical Spine Examination