Special Test Category: Spine Examination

Springing Test

Springing Test is used for localization of functional impairments in the lumbar spine, it's also used to examine posterior longitudinal ligament.

Spinous Process Tap Test

Spinous Process Tap Test is used to indicates lumbar spine syndrome.

Prone Knee Flexion Test for Lumbar Spine

Prone Knee Flexion Test for Lumbar Spine is used to differentiates between lumbar and sacroiliac pain.

Lhermitte Sign

Lhermitte Sign differentiates between spinal cord lesions and peripheral nerve root lesions.

Shoulder Abduction Test (Bakody Test)

Shoulder Abduction Test (Bakody Test) is used for  suspicion of C4 or C5 nerve root irritation.

Shoulder Press Test

Shoulder Press Test is used to check for cervical spine nerve root radiculopathy.

Elvey Test

Elvey test (also known as upper limb tension test) is used mainly to check for cervical radiculopathy.

Gaenslen’s Test

Gaenslen’s test can indicate: the presence or absence of a SIJ lesion, pubic symphysis instability, hip pathology, L4 nerve root lesion. It...

Crossed Over Lasegue

Crossed Over Lasegue is used to test for Central disc herniation in cases of severe nerve root irritation