Ortolani Test

 Ortolani Test

  • Ortolani Test is used for Developmental dysplasia of the hip in newborn.

  • must be carried out on a relaxed child, preferably after feeding.
  • Flex the knees and encircle them with the hands so that the thumbs lie along the medial sides of the thighs and the fingers over the trochanters.
  • flex the hips to a right angle and, starting from a position where the thumbs are touching, abduct the hips smoothly and gently.

  • If a hip is dislocated, as full abduction is approached the femoral head will be felt slipping into the acetabulum. An audible click may accompany the displacement.
  • Note that restriction of abduction may be pathological, and represent an irreducible dislocation.
  • A positive Ortolani test is indicative of neonatal instability of the hip (NIH), and is usually an indication for splintage.

  • Sensitivity: 66 %
  • Specificity: 95 %

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