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Orthopedic Flashcards & Notes

 Orthopedic Flashcards & Notes

Orthopedic Flashcards & Notes is an android application for a quick review of information designed for orthopedic surgeons, residents and medical student who interested in orthopedic surgery learning.

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This app contains a lot of short orthopedic surgery information in in all categories of orthopaedic surgery which are: Basic Science, Anatomy, Trauma, Sport Medicine, Reconstruction, Pediatrics, Pathology, Foot and Hand surgery.

Orthopedic Flashcards & Notes

How to use Orthopedic Flashcards & Notes app?

By using Orthopedic Short Notes & Flashcards, you can browse the notes by category or randomly. In the same category, you can browse notes respectively or randomly.
You can also add the orthopedic flashcards you like in Favorite section where you keep all important orthopedic flashcards in one place to review later.

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Orthopedic information Notes

This app will be updated continuously by adding new orthopedic notes and flashcards. So keep the app updated, and prepare yourself well for your board exam to be the best.

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