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Study Medicine in Germany for Free

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Thousands of international students from around the world aspire to study medicine in Germany. To that end, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on the requirements to studying medicine in Germany, as well as German medical universities and the cost of studying medicine there.

A medical degree from Germany is recognized worldwide, but is it easy to obtain a seat to study medicine at one of the German universities?

What are advantages of studying medicine in Germany?

The decision to study medicine in Germany is a life-changing moment, as there are many advantages to this, including:

  1. One of the most significant advantages of studying medicine in Germany is that you will obtain a recognized degree.
  2. It’s free medical study in Germany.
  3. There are many job opportunities for doctors in Germany.
  4. You can stay in Germany after graduation.
  5. The cost of living in Germany is low.

What is the duration of study medicine in Germany?

The duration of studying medicine in Germany is 6 years (six years) of full-time study, and at the end, you will receive a degree in general medicine called “Allgemeine Medizin” in German.

For students who wish to complete their medical studies in Germany, it is certain that the study period will be reduced. Therefore, after registering at the university, submit all the courses that you have passed in order to shorten the study period as a whole.

It is also possible to shorten two or more semesters of the academic terms you have studied if you want to continue your medical studies in Germany and transfer from your current university.

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Stages of studying human medicine in Germany

The study of human medicine in Germany is divided into four stages as follows:

  1. The first stage is called the preclinical stage (also known as Vorklink).
  2. The second stage is called the clinical sciences stage.
  3. The third stage is the final clinical year.
  4. The state examination in medicine in Germany.

The State Exam in Medicine in Germany

After completing the study of medicine in Germany, there is a stage of passing the State Exam, which is a national unified exam. After taking and passing the exam, you can apply for a license to practice medicine and work as a certified doctor in Germany.

The Preparatory Medical Year in Germany

Foreign students who wish to study medicine in Germany are required to complete a preparatory year before beginning their university studies. This preparatory year is called “Studienkolleg”.

The type of preparatory year that a student who wants to study medicine in Germany needs is the M-course for studying medicine in Germany.

Requirements for Applying for the Preparatory Year in Germany

  • Proficiency in the German language and achieving level B2, as German is the language in which all subjects in the preparatory year are taught.
  • Having already obtained a high school diploma.

This year is waived if you:

  • Have studied at least two academic years at the university in medicine.
  • Have obtained a high school diploma that meets the above requirements for students from Syria, Tunisia, and Palestine.

Requirements to study Medicine in Germany

German universities impose certain requirements for studying Medicine in Germany for all students interested in pursuing their studies in Germany, some of the most important of which are:

  1. The required GPA to study Medicine in Germany is not less than 94% in secondary school.
  2. You must have a certificate in the German language, either DSH-3 or TestDaF.
  3. Passing the preparatory year examination in Medicine if you are obliged to take it.
  4. Application for university admission.
  5. A copy of your passport or ID.
  6. Personal photos.
  7. General secondary school certificate translated into German and certified.
  8. German language proficiency certificate.
  9. A resume written in German and signed.
  10. A letter of application to the university – a motivation letter.
  11. Copies of training and volunteering certificates.
  12. TestAS examination results.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Germany?

If you want to study at German government universities, the cost of studying medicine in Germany does not exceed 500 euros per semester. However, in the universities of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, the costs for studying medicine become 1500 euros per semester.

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The Role of University Hospitals in Germany

Furthermore, understanding how medical training is organized in Germany can help you make a decision about where to study. Universities collaborate with some hospitals for the practical parts of medical studies. The 32 university hospitals (German: Universitätsklinikum) in Germany are among the most important places for the exchange of theory and practice for medical students in Germany.

University hospitals are the leaders in the German healthcare system, as they possess the highest technologies and levels of specialization. They combine practical patient care and research, thus providing an excellent environment for medical students who aspire to participate in research during their studies and obtain a doctoral degree. With the support of other educational hospitals (German: Lehrkrankenhäuser), university hospitals provide and organize most of the practical training for medical students in Germany.


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