Anterior Load and Shift Test

 Anterior Load and Shift Test

  • Anterior Load and Shift test is used to test for Anterior Instability of the shoulder.

  • Have the patient lie supine with the shoulder at 40-60 degrees of abduction and 90 degrees of forward flexion.
  • Axially load the humerus and apply anterior/posterior translation forces.
  • Compare to the contralateral side.

  • Anterior Load and Shift test is Positive when there is increased translation  of the humeral head compared to the contralateral side.
  • The load and shift test can be used to classify degrees of instability based on distance of humeral head translation:
    • 1+: 0 to 1 cm of translation to before glenoid rim.
    • 2+: 1 to 2 cm of translation to glenoid rim.
    • 3+: more than 2 cm translation or over glenoid rim.

  • Sensitivity: 50-55 %
  • Specificity: 78-100 %

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