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Orthopedic Examination App

 Orthopedic Examination App

Orthopedic Examination is an app for only android devices, it contains all orthopedic tests used in clinical examination in orthopedic surgery.

Download Link: Orthopedic Examination App

It was designed for all orthopedic surgery residents and specialists who are interested in learning and memorizing the special tests in orthopedic surgery.

This amazing app contains all orthopedic clinical examination tests that an orthopedic surgeon needs.

Orthopedic Examination App

Orthopedic Examination App Sections

It contains 9 sections based on the region of the examined area:

  1. Shoulder Examination
  2. Elbow Examination
  3. Wrist Examination
  4. Hand Examination
  5. Hip Examination
  6. Knee Examination
  7. Ankle Examination
  8. Foot Examination
  9. Spine Examination
orthopedic clinical examination

Every special test page contains these sections:

  1. The purpose of the test
  2. How the test performed
  3. When it’s considered positive.
  4. The sensitivity & specificity
  5. The source of the test
  6. An Image of the test.
Orthopedic Examination App

Apple IOS Users:

For Apple IOS users, you can visit this link:

Orthopedic Examination

Update Features:

Latest update was version 1.7 with the following features:

  1. – Search feature: as the app is getting bigger and more tests are added, the search bar becomes an important need for you.
  2. – Dark mode.
  3. – Improve UI.
  4. – Adding & correcting some tests.
  5. – Speed Improvements & bugs fixes.

App Info & Download Link:

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