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Orthopedic Classification App

 Orthopedic Classification App

Orthopedic classification App is a new Android application designed for orthopedic residents, specialists and medical students interested in the study of orthopedic surgery and the classification of fractures and orthopedic diseases.

Orthopedic classification app contains all classification systems of bone fractures such as the classification of humeral head fractures (Neer classification) and the classification of orthopedic diseases such as the classification of femoral head osteonecrosis (Vicat classification).

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Orthopedic Classification App

Orthopedic Classification App is divided into two main part:

fractures Classification App

Each section was classified according to anatomical regions (shoulder – elbow – wrist and hand – pelvis and hip – knee – Ankle and foot).

The classification was presented briefly by means of tables in an easy-to-understand manner, and provided with schematic and x-ray.

fractures Classification App

The application does not need an internet connection to work.

The application will be updated periodically, adding new and updated informations and improving the performance of the application.

fractures Classification App

App Information:

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