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Posterior Approach to Femur

 Posterior Approach to Femur

Posterior Approach to Femur indications:

The posterior approach to femur uses include:

  1. Treatment of infected cases of nonunion.
  2. Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis.
  3. Biopsy and treatment of bone tumors.
  4. Exploration of the sciatic nerve.

Position of the Patient

Posterior Approach to Femur

Landmarks and Incision



Posterior Approach to Femur

Internervous plane

Internervous plane for the posterior approach to femur lies between:

Posterior Approach to Femur

Superficial dissection

Deep dissection

Approach Extension


The structures at risk during the posterior approach to femur includes:

  1. Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve.
  2. Sciatic nerve.
  3. Nerve to biceps femoris.

Semimembranosus Muscle

Semitendinosus Muscle


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